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How the Termites of New York Compare

How the Termites of New York Compare 150 150 Tony

Pest control changes based on location. It’s why there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to pest control on Staten Island. The pests we have here differ from those of, say, Albany, which differ from other areas of the country – sometimes by a considerable amount.

Termites are a great example of this. There’s no denying that Staten Island has a problem with pests. We have house centipedes, rats, mosquitoes, and much more. But there is actually one place where New York is actually lucky: We do not have that many species of aggressive termite.

Termites of Staten Island vs. Florida

I spoke with a friend of mine that works in pest control in Jacksonville, FL. We were talking about termites – specifically, the fear that New Yorkers have of termite invasions compared to Jacksonville.

“We have multiple termite species, including some of the fastest eating and expensive termites in the nation,” said L, who works with Bug-Man Pest Service. “We have Formosan termites, which are especially aggressive eaters, and we have drywood termites, which eat slowly but are hard to spot without an inspection. Those two can cause a lot of damage.

We do have termites in Staten Island, of course. Termites live all over the world. We have eastern subterranean termites, which are also in Jacksonville and can cause a lot of damage. But that tends to be the only termite that causes any problems for us here.

No one can say that we’re lucky when it comes to pests in New York. But at least we do not have to struggle with the same termites as places in Jacksonville, where these aggressive eaters cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage to homes all over the city.

Termites in Staten Island: Prevent Serious Home Damage

Termites in Staten Island: Prevent Serious Home Damage 150 150 Tony

“When most people think of flipping a house, they picture us buying some home that was trashed by previous owners or tenants,” said Dan, a California based home investor with Homestead Group. “But the truth is that termite damage can do more to a home than any bad tenant could, causing the home to be basically unsellable without massive upgrades.”

Staten Island is home to a lot of pests. From House Centipedes to ants to cockroaches to rodents, there is no limit to the number of pests that may attack your home, with many carrying serious diseases, painful stings, and more. Lots of pests put your family at risk for problems. But while these pests are issues for your family, termites pose the greatest financial risk.

Losses From Termite Damage

Termite damage can destroy the value of your home. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, all throughout the United States, and here in Staten Island that damage can equate to tens of thousands of dollars if the termites are not eliminated quickly.

This damage is costly in numerous ways:

  • Termite damage requires a lot of repairs, often costing thousands of dollars.
  • Termites need to be eradicated, which can be expensive after a huge invasion.
  • People don’t want to buy termite damaged homes, even after repairs. That means you lose equity.

The longer you go with termites on your property, the worse it gets. That is why prevention is critical, and early treatment is too. Contact a termite control company in Staten Island for more information.

Mice a Not so Friendly Pest

Mice a Not so Friendly Pest 150 150 Tony

As a child, if you were the reading type, you probably got the image of mice as friendly little animals. Some of the greatest characters in children’s literature are mice, from Mrs. Frisby, to Miss Bianca, or even Ralph and his motorcycle. In movies, Fievel is a historic figure and Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic symbols of American childhood. However, in real life, mice do not save children, or learn to read, they do not travel west, and they do not have pet dogs, they are carriers of disease and can be a very unhealthy nuisance.

Some people find mice to be cute animals, they are even kept as pets, yet those are specially bred mice. They are not the common house mouse or field mouse that can invade your home. These wild mice can carry disease, some very dangerous diseases including:

  • Plague
  • Salmonella
  • Hantavirus
  • Lyme Disease
  • Typhus

No matter how cute or benign a mouse appears they can be quite deadly. So at the first sign of infestation, you should call the professionals at Staten Island Pest Control. Even before the professionals get to your home there are a few things you can do.

Mice are nocturnal and can rarely be seen during the day. They like to hide in dark places and only room at night. The most common way of identifying that you have a mouse problem is by seeing the evidence of their roaming.

Mice like to try everything, so while they will only eat a little bit they bite into all kinds of foods. Plastic is no deterrent to mice, they will chew through plastic. Only heavy duty containers will keep mice out. Finding holes in unopened food, with small bites in it is a sure sign of mice.

Mice also leave droppings everywhere, so if you see small black dots or pellets, those are likely signs of mice. Clean them up and set a trap or poison.

Finally, Mice build nests[RB1] , much like a bird’s nest mice gather soft items from around the house and build a cozy place to sleep. If you find a collection of odds and ends that looks like a nest you probably have a mouse problem.

How to Kill Mice

Traps-We have all seen the mousetrap, a contraption where set bait and when the mouse eats the bait the trap kills the mouse. It is easy to set and you know where the mouse is when it dies. A crude but effective tool, but it only kills one mouse at a time.

Poison-Mouse and rat poisons are dangerous but can be used to kill a number of mice. The process is simple, just set the poison out for the mice to eat. After a few days of eating the poison, the mice will die. It is fairly effective but not totally. Mice are smart creatures, not Algernon smart but pretty smart, and if the mouse only eats a little of the poison just gets sick, it will not return for more. Poison is also less environmentally friendly and potentially dangerous to have in the house. Both poison and traps require you to get rid of the dead mice yourself, which can be an uncomfortable notion.

Fire-In 1665 London experienced their last of outbreak of bubonic plaque. More than 100,000 people died from the plague carried by flees, and rodents. This Great Plague would sweep London, peaking and falling, and then flaring up again. Then one day in September of the next year, a fire started in a bakery, swept through London. The fire destroyed much of the center of London, but strangely causing few casualties. However, the fire did kill many of the rodents, and no plague outbreaks occurred in the aftermath.

If you have only one or two mice, traps may work, but if they are a real problem, it is best to call Staten Island Pest Control. We will find and kill your mice and dispose of them for you, keeping you safe and healthy. For more information about our rodent control program contact us today.

Ants an Unwelcome Party Crasher

Ants an Unwelcome Party Crasher 150 150 Tony

A sure sign that summer is coming is the increased appearance of ants. Maybe you see them out on the sidewalk, or possibly in your garden, maybe a couple out on the porch, these are all fine. But the ones that get into the house, those can cause real damage.

Ants, one or two is no trouble but they never come as just singles. They are all members of colonies, if you see one, it is likely the whole colony will invade. These ants will invade your food, they could invade your walls and they get all over everything. They are clearly uninvited guests.

Protecting your home from an ant invasion takes proper know how and proactive measures, and sometimes those are just not enough. Some measures you can take include

Preventive Measures

  • Caulk All Small Holes and Cracks-This is good advice for all pest invasions. Find the cracks and potential entries for ants.
  • Eliminate Standing Water-Pests love water, being extra careful to check under the sink leaks, and left out to soak pans, can help prevent ants from choosing to take up residence in your place.
  • Seal All Containers of Food-Ants love food, especially foods high in protein or sugar. This means that you need to seal all containers of food and clean up spills quickly and completely. Ants also love pet food, so keeping that sealed when your pets are not eating is essential as well.

Many people swear by home remedies for ant prevention. The success of these methods is only anecdotal and is nowhere near as effective as a professional extermination service. Some home methods include

  • Vinegar-Using a mix of water and white vinegar, wipe down the areas where you find ants. The theory is that ants hate the smell of vinegar, the downside is humans don’t find the smell very pleasing either.
  • Cinnamon-A much more pleasant smell for humans is cinnamon. Ants are said to hate the smell of cinnamon and will not go across areas where it is spread. This means having cinnamon around your house in the areas where ants may enter.
  • Borax and sugar water-Some remedies call for a mixture of Borax and sugar water, turning it into a paste, the story is this works like ant traps. The ant takes the poison back and eventually it kills the colony. The problem is, this is unsafe, if you have pets or children who might also eat the mixture.

None of these home remedies is proven and most only work on outside ants. The most dangerous of the ants lives inside your walls, the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants chew and discard wood, burrowing their holes and making their colonies inside the fame of the house. This can lead to dangerous situations, like exposed wires and damaged parts of the house. If you see evidence of Carpenter ants, sawdust like droppings, or holes in the walls, call Staten Island Pest Control today to help find out where they are living, and how to get rid of them.

Staten Island Pest Control

Staten Island Pest Control 150 150 Tony

note: this website is for rent. If you’re interested in renting this site for your pest control business, fill out the form on the bottom of this page:

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Having a pest problem is a challenging experience. You have worked hard for your home or business and you want it to succeed. You have kept everything clean and well maintained but bugs or rodents still invade. You are frustrated and you don’t know if there is anything else you can do. That means it is time to call the experts, Staten Island Pest Control.

If you are a local Staten Island business or homeowner in need of Pest Control Services you will not be disappointed in Staten Island Pest Control. We are local and care about the safety and health of our community, Staten Island is our home, and we are invested in it, so we are motivated to do the best. If you want to support local business, Staten Island Pest Control is the way to go.

Why Choose Staten Island Pest Control

  • Local-We are a small company that only serves the greater New York area, so we can provide personal service for you.
  • Speedy-Because we are local, we can provide emergency services as quickly as possible, call us today if you need fast pest removal.
  • Versatile-We provide both commercial and residential services. We can service any type of building or service, from restaurants to hardware stores, and even hospitals. We know each type of building and business has its own needs for pest control, and we know how to do them all.
  • Experienced-Our team of expert professionals have years of experience and training. They know what to look for and how to best eradicate pests from your building.
  • Comprehensive-Our procedure includes inspections, follow ups, and prevention, we are not just killing the pests but eradicating them forever.
  • Knowledgeable-Being a local company means we know the architecture of the region and the types of buildings that need our services. We know how best to fight pests and what our local pests respond to.
  • Proven-Our results and reputation are unparalleled. We are known throughout the area as a proven and effective pest control management company. We rarely get repeat customers because our results are so thorough, but we do get a lot of word of mouth recommendations.

Staten Island Pest Control provides pest control services for all of the Tri-State area, including the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and right here in Staten Island, we are even certified for New Jersey. To find out more about our personalized local service, or to schedule an inspection contact us at 555-555-5555.

3 Benefits of Working with a Local Staten Island Pest Control Company

3 Benefits of Working with a Local Staten Island Pest Control Company 150 150 Tony

Our Staten Island pest control company has years of experience providing quality, affordable pest control and extermination services across Staten Island. We believe that local companies are always better than national companies, because we believe that it takes a local company to understand the needs, prices, and relationships that are grown through working locally.

When you work with a pest control company in Staten Island, you’re working with a company that believes in:

  • Helping Its Community – Local companies care about eliminating pests because pests affect the whole community, not just the homeowner. We know how problematic a pest invasion can be to the entire neighborhood, and our company dedicates itself to your satisfaction as a results.
  • Friendly Customer Service – This is a company made up of your friends and neighbors, owned by people you can pass on the street at any moment. That’s why we care so much about service, and about hiring people that also care about their community the same way.
  • Local Pest Control Needs – Your local Staten Island pest control company is also one that understands what it takes to succeed at pest control here, and how to make sure pests are eliminated. If there is a problem. we’ll figure out a solution, because we know the local area and all its pests.

Supporting a local business is important. Call our Staten Island pest control service today, and learn more about all of the features and services of our business.

3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island

3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island 150 150 Tony

Staten Island can be a rough place for pests. Mosquitos alone cause so much of a problem that they have to wipe the city with chemicals once a year, and other pests – like house centipedes and bed bugs – are quickly becoming nightmares for residents of the borough. That means that you need to be careful. If you want to rid your home of pests this year, consider these Staten Island pest control tips:

  • Prevent Before You Eliminate

Prevention is always, always, always easier than elimination. That’s because homes are filled with clutter and hiding spaces where pests can breed, while doors and windows are flat and easily sealed. Consider a monthly residential Staten Island pest control service, to prevent pests before they become a problem.

  • Stay Safe on the Road

Bed bugs are probably the greatest concern in Staten Island because they are very difficult to remove. Bed bugs are also most likely to enter your home because you traveled somewhere and they crawled into your suitcase. Take precautions wherever you are to check for bed bugs and be careful before you enter your home if you see any signs of them.

  • Remove Clutter

Many pests enter only one at a time. The reason they are everywhere around your home is because they have plenty of time to breed amidst the clutter. So do your best to reduce clutter so you can easily thwap any bugs that you see, and you’ll be less likely to ever struggle with massive pest problems.

If you’d like to learn more about Staten Island Pest Control, contact us today.

Are You A Staten Island Pest Control Expert?

Are You A Staten Island Pest Control Expert? 150 150 Tony

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Pest control companies simply cannot grow without a website, and starting a website on your own can be difficult. At Pest Control SI, you have a website that being held for you – a complete website with unique content that will help you beat our your competition. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Bed Bug Prevention Tips

5 Bed Bug Prevention Tips 150 150 Tony

Bed bugs, tiny blood-sucking bugs that are very common in the northeast United States, infest increasing numbers of homes every year. Once an infestation begins, it is difficult to remove the pests without professional help. This is why preventative efforts are so important, and why everyone should learn how to keep them away.

Learn to Spot Bed Bugs

To avoid an infestation of bed bugs, you need to know what they look like. A bed bug is about 1/4 of an inch in length, and brownish-red in color. It is oval shaped, with a flat body. Staten Island Pest Control representatives are trained in locating and identifying bed bugs, and will find them if they are in your home.

Don’t Bring Them Home

When you travel, bed bugs will hop onto luggage or clothing, and ride through the front door into your home. To ensure that this does not happen when you stay anywhere other than your home, inspect the bed and the room for bed bugs. If you find even one bug, leave the room immediately without unpacking any of your belongings.

Here is a list of possible items that you can carry bed bugs inside on:

  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Suitcases
  • Shoes
  • Pets
  • Bags
  • Moving Boxes
  • Mattresses

Place all clothing into a plastic bag during trips, and immediately wash the clothing on the highest heat setting when you arrive home. This will eliminate any bugs that rode in on your clothing.

Carefully inspect any other items that you intend to bring into your Staten Island, NY home. If you see a bed bug on any item, do not bring it inside to avoid starting an infestation. Bed bugs are common in Staten Island due to travelers who carry them into their homes, and then bring them into neighboring homes.

Keep Bed Bugs Off Your Bed

Keeping bed bugs off your bed is a two-step process. First, move your bed away from walls and remove bedding that hangs from the bed onto the floor. This leaves the bugs no way to climb into the bed, other than the legs of the bed frame.

Next, purchase climb-up interceptor traps to catch bed bugs that attempt to climb into your bed. Since they are unable to fly, this effectively prevents them from to getting onto the bed. This could possibly eliminate the need for your local Staten Island exterminator to come out to treat them at all.

Vacuum Often

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs is to vacuum your bed, your floors, and other linens or upholstery around your house on a weekly basis. The vacuum cleaner will pick up bed bugs and their eggs, enabling you to remove them from your home. When finished vacuuming, empty your vacuum canister or bag into a garbage bag, seal it shut, and take it out of the house.

Use a Bed Cover

A bed cover seals existing bed bugs in, keeping them away from your skin. It also makes it much easier to spot bed bugs that may be hiding in the creases of the mattress. Use a vinyl bed cover, sealing any openings with duct tape to keep the bugs from getting in or out.

We can help eliminate your bed bug infestation. All of our exterminators are thoroughly trained in the proper and effective treatment of bed bugs. We will remove them from your home completely.

DIY Bed Bug Removal

DIY Bed Bug Removal 150 150 Tony

Bed bugs are becoming much more common in the New York City area than they used to be. Since bed bugs were largely eradicated for decades, many people are not prepared to combat them, so they have no idea what to do when confronted with an outbreak in their Staten Island, NY house. These simple techniques will slowly remove the bug infestation from your home.

Vacuum Regularly

The only way to eradicate bed bugs from your home in Staten Island, NY is to physically remove them from the area. The best way to do this is to use a powerful vacuum that has a sealed bag inside, and vacuum your floors, your curtains, your blankets, and your mattress itself on a weekly basis.

Vacuuming removes the larva, the eggs, and the adult bugs from around your home, and you can discard the vacuum bag outside as soon as you are finished.

Seal Them In

Although a Staten Island exterminator is not going to have time to destroy bed bugs by sealing them in, you can take this approach to remove the last remaining bugs from your home.

Purchase a vinyl bed cover and install it on your mattress using duct tape to seal all the seams so it is air-tight. Over the course of a year all of the bed bugs will die out, as long as that mattress remains sealed.

Wash Bedding in Hot Water

Since many bed bugs will hide in your blankets, it is important to wash your bedding on a heat setting above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will kill off all the bugs and eggs that are on your blankets.

Spot Kill Them

If you spot any bed bugs you can kill them by spraying them with rubbing alcohol or with steam. You can purchase a steamer and use that to clear out any crevices the bugs may be hiding in. Doing this on a regular basis should dramatically reduce the number of bugs.

Barricade Your Furniture

Taking steps to keep bed bugs off your bed is an excellent way to separate them from their food source, as long as you keep your pets out of reach as well. The required steps to remove any pathways that bed bugs will use to access your bed are as follows:

  • Move your bed away from the walls.
  • Remove blankets or sheets that hang down to the floor.
  • Place leg traps under the legs of the beds in your home as well as any couches.

If you have tried these methods and you aren’t able to remove all of the bed bugs you may want to call in a Staten Island exterminator. Any good Staten Island pest control expert will be able to remove bed bugs quickly. Give our representatives a call today and get a fast, free estimate for solving your bed bug problem.