Preventing Termites in NYC

Preventing Termites in NYC 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars of damage to properties around the country. Almost no home is safe, and those with property in NYC are at as much risk as anywhere. When these pests invade, they eat whatever wood they can find in your home, including the structure, flooring, furniture – even a piano. They’ll also eat books, papers, and other products containing cellulose. Getting rid of termites and repairing the damage can both…

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Ants: An Unwelcome Party Crasher

Ants: An Unwelcome Party Crasher 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

A sure sign that summer is coming is the increased appearance of ants. Maybe you see them out on the sidewalk, or possibly in your garden, maybe a couple out on the porch, these are all fine. But the ones that get into the house, those can cause real damage. Ants, one or two is no trouble but they never come as just singles. They are all members of colonies, if you see one, it…

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Staten Island Pest Control

Staten Island Pest Control 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Having a pest problem is a challenging experience. You have worked hard for your home or business and you want it to succeed. You have kept everything clean and well maintained but bugs or rodents still invade. You are frustrated and you don’t know if there is anything else you can do. That means it is time to call the experts. In Staten Island, Fillmore Termite & Pest Control is the leading pest management company.…

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5 Bed Bug Prevention Tips

5 Bed Bug Prevention Tips 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Bed bugs, tiny blood-sucking bugs that are very common in the northeast United States, infest increasing numbers of homes every year. Once an infestation begins, it is difficult to remove the pests without professional help. This is why preventative efforts are so important, and why everyone should learn how to keep them away. Learn to Spot Bed Bugs To avoid an infestation of bed bugs, you need to know what they look like. A bed…

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