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Mice a Not so Friendly Pest

As a child, if you were the reading type, you probably got the image of mice as friendly little animals. Some of the greatest characters in children’s literature are mice, from Mrs. Frisby, to Miss Bianca, or even Ralph and his motorcycle. In movies, Fievel is a historic figure and Mickey Mouse is one of […]

DIY Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are becoming much more common in the New York City area than they used to be. Since bed bugs were largely eradicated for decades, many people are not prepared to combat them, so they have no idea what to do when confronted with an outbreak in their Staten Island, NY house. These simple […]

How to Remove Rats Yourself

A rat infestation is a troubling problem that can grow very quickly if it is not treated. If you live in Staten Island, NY, there is a good chance that you are at risk for a rat problem, and you should be on the lookout for any signs of an infestation in your home. Noticing […]