Rodents are very common pests in the New York City area, and they can be very troublesome creatures to deal with if they are not controlled properly. Rodents not only damage items in your home such as fabrics, woods, and plastics, but they also spread diseases and contaminate food.

Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation

There are several signs of a rodent infestation that you should be looking for in your home. The most obvious will most likely be the rodent feces and chewed up items around your home. Both mice and rats will chew their way into food sources such as boxes of cereal, bags of dog food, or anything else that seems appealing. Be alert for the following signs:

  • Scratching sounds at night.
  • Gnawed plastics, woods, and textiles.
  • Feces in kitchen drawers, on counters, and under the sink.
  • Hidden nests throughout your home.
  • Spotting rodents inside your house.
  • Dead rodents out in the open.

Some of the most common nesting places for rodents in a home are in basements, walls, and attics, so it can be helpful to regularly search for signs of these pests throughout your home.

How We Treat Rodents

The Staten Island pest control team that we have assembled has years of experience dealing with rodent infestations. Through the years, they have devised very effective methods to treat the creatures, and that collective experience allows them to follow a seamless process to remove the rodents from your home.

The first thing they do when they are called into your home is identify what kinds of rodents are present. Certain traps are effective when dealing with mice, while others work better for rats, so identifying the pest is vital.

The onsite exterminator will use a three-pronged approach to remove all the rodents. He will use a set of traps to remove a large portion of the population, while also applying pesticides and mesh barriers.

Keeping additional rodents out of the house makes it easier to remove the existing population inside.

Getting Help

If you realize that your home is being overrun by rodents, contact a professional exterminating business for help as soon as possible. The longer your home is left untreated, the worse the infestation will become. Rodents multiply very quickly, and only a trained exterminator will be equipped to get ahead of a mature infestation.

Give us a call today at 718-307-9818 to receive a free estimate in New York. For a free estimate in New Jersey, call us at 732-610-0089. A rodent infestation doesn’t have to be a major problem, and we can remove the problem and ease your stress at the same time.