South Shore

We are proud to be the best removal company for the South Shore of Staten Island. While this is a great place to live and work, it is also unfortunately, a breeding ground for pests. The water that makes this island great attracts both humans and the pests that attack us. In spite of these natural elements, Fillmore Termite & Pest Control Inc. is fighting to keep down bug and rodent populations.

Our Pest Control System

Our system can be tailored to your needs, as a local company we are flexible in how we handle each building. For small businesses, we can do much of the work discretely and quickly. For homes we can develop comprehensive plans to completely eradicate pest infestations. No house or building is the same, some need work on plumbing others on fixing cracks and crevices, and we will help you find the best way to protect your assets. Each of our pest control visits involves:

  • Inspection – We provide a though inspection of the building, exposing holes and cracks and potential places of entry. We also determine outside factors, like trees and shrubs that make your building a target for pests. Finally, we search the inside for any evidence of pests living in the building.
  • Eradication – Our professional pest control operators will come to your building. Using specific insecticides they will seek out and kill all of the bugs in the house.
  • Follow Up – Our inspectors will return to ensure that the pest threat has not resurfaced. We will do a though inspection and come up with suggestions for further prevention. If any areas need further work, we will schedule that.
  • Prevention Plan – Using the information gained from inspections of the building we will look at your needs and create a prevention plan. Giving you the tools to know where to fix your building, and how to stop further invasions.

Everyone has a role to play, and our role has been to keep the community safe from unhealthy pest infestations. We are happy to continue that into the future. The first goal of any small business is to make the community better, we try to do that by keeping pests out of Staten Island homes and helping to make everyone healthy by controlling pests.

Fillmore Pest Control is the South Shore community’s most personalized choice for pest control. To hear more about our tailored and unique pest control procedures contact us at 718-307-9818

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