New Jersey

As a pest control business located in the New York City area, we also provide service to customers in New Jersey. Our residential pest control services cover a wide range of pest control needs, utilizing a comprehensive plan that has been proven effective at removing most insects and rodents. By tapping into our specialized skill set, you can finally rid your home of any pests that have been plaguing you, and the best part is that the treatment won’t take up any of your time at all. You can relax and know that you are in good hands as the bugs, rodents, and animals are removed from your home.

What We Remove

New Jersey is plagued with a variety of pests that can ruin personal property, spread diseases, and damage the structural stability of a home. We cover the following pests, among others, across Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey:

  • Rodents such as mice and rats.
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Bed Bugs

This is only a few of the pests we remove. If your home has been invaded by a different bug or you’re not sure what insect you’re dealing with, we are still able to help. Give us a call to talk about the options.

How We Remove Them

Anyone can get rid of a few bugs or rodents temporarily, but our removal technique is so thorough that they generally stay away permanently after a treatment. After the exterminator has examined your home and assessed the situation, he will devise an appropriate plan of action for your home.

The service provider will then quickly take care of any pests that you have inside your home, using the best combination of techniques for the circumstances. Each one of our pest control specialists is trained in a variety of different technologies, including pesticides, traps, baits, and constructing barriers, but it is likely that only some of these techniques will be appropriate for your situation.

With the removal process completed, the technician has two tasks remaining. He will go through your home and determine how to prevent the pests from returning. He will also follow up in a few weeks to ascertain that the pests did not come back after the treatment.

How to Hire Us

When you hire Fillmore Pest Control, you will receive the highest quality service possible. The hiring process is simple. Contact us at 732-610-0089 and tell us about your particular problem. An exterminator will be dispatched to your home from Staten Island, NY to assist you with your pest problems.