Mid Island is relatively new as a development of New York, but that still means many of the buildings are approaching fifty years of age. Young by New York standards, but old enough to start showing some signs of age. As these building continue to age they develop cracks and weak spots, becoming more and more vulnerable to pests. Fillmore Termite & Pest Control Inc. is committed to making sure these buildings stay pest free, so they can survive another 50 years.

Fillmore Pest Control has extensive experience inspecting and treating houses, and businesses, in the Mid Island area. We know the specific problems that come with these buildings, and our trained professionals are experienced in all types of inspections, for all types of homes and businesses. Our comprehensive inspection includes

  • Holes, Cracks and Hidden Entries – These can be everywhere, under the house in crawlspaces, in eaves and other areas where the building is joined, or near the base of the house. We also inspect for torn screens and leaks are cracks around the windows. These are all areas where potential pests can invade.
  • Potential Standing Water Areas – Pests, especially ants and mosquitos, love standing water. Areas around your building that potentially can become pools for pest breeding grounds we will identify. Our inspectors also are trained in identifying potential leaks in plumbing, which can lead to standing water.
  • Inside Walls – Some pests, notably carpenter ants, but also mice make their homes inside the structure of your house. They can live deep in the walls, and they often damage wiring and important parts of the building’s foundation. Our professionals have trained eyes to see the signs of nests inside your house. We will find these pests and eliminate them.
  • Outside Landscaping – Trees and shrubs that overhand buildings can help pests get inside or give them shelter. A well maintained landscape will help discourage this type of invasion. Keeping the building clear of plants is vital to maintaining a pest free building.

Our inspectors have years of experience in servicing Mid Island, they know the types of buildings in the area, and the pests that wreak havoc on these buildings. They have seen many different types of pests and invasions, and they know how to handle all of them. Simply, they know how to find and kill pests, and prevent them from returning.

You want your home or building to be in great condition and last forever. The first step is to keep it pest free. For the best trained and locally experienced professionals, contact Fillmore Termite & Pest Control Inc. at 718-307-9818 as soon as possible.