Staten Island Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of the toughest and worst infestations you can have. While ants, roaches, and even mice are just out to eat available food, bed bugs live on human blood. Unlike other pests, bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius, have also developed the habit of mostly feeding at night. These pests hide during the day, feed at night, and some people don’t experience itchiness after a bite, so you may have them and not know it.

Bed bugs live in mattresses and bedding but are not confined to those areas. They can live in any small cramped spaces where they can hide. These adaptations make bed bugs difficult to detect and eradicate. Fillmore Pest Control exterminators are specially trained to root out bed bugs, to find and kill them in every place where they live.

In recent history bed bugs had become rare in the United States, but due to a variety of factors, including reduced use of pesticides, increased travel, and possibly just complacency, bed bugs are on the rise, especially in the New York region.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Since bed bugs are difficult to catch, the best way to find out if you have them is to watch for signs. Indications that you may have a bed bug problem include

  • Bites on your skin causing itching, swelling or redness.
  • Small black spots or blood spots on your bedding.
  • Dead reddish bugs with oval bodies.
  • Bug remains, brown casings and eggs.

Since bed bugs mostly come out at night, you might see them if you turn on a flashlight in the dark. Another way is set out double sided tape and see if you trap them. If you suspect you have bed bugs call Fillmore Pest Control immediately. Our professionals will come out, verify if they are present, and plan for a rapid treatment.

Bed Bug Removal

The process to remove bed bugs is extensive and cannot be completed without the help of licensed professionals. Bed bugs can be exterminated through two ways – heat and insecticides. The steps we use to remove bed bugs are:

  • Find The Bugs – Bed Bugs live in mattresses and bedding, but they also live in drawers, closets, sofas, and all kinds of furniture. They are very mobile and can live in every room of the building.
  • Apply Treatment – Using insecticides, our expert exterminators spray every nook, corner and crevice of the house. They spray everywhere and anything that might house bed bugs. The insecticides our professionals use are top grade and specially formulated to kill bed bugs while being harmless to people and pets.
  • Use Steam – Bed bugs are an resilient pest, but cannot withstand temperatures above 130 degrees. We have equipment that produces high temperature steam. When we apply the steam to areas where bed bugs are hiding, the heat kills them instantly.

After we’re through, it is recommended that you wash all clothes and bedding in as high a temperature as allowed to remove any lingering bugs or eggs. Dry cleaning is recommended for clothes that can’t go throw a wash. You can also use a plastic sealed cover for mattresses for up to a year after a bed bug infestation to fully eliminate remaining bugs.

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in Staten Island and the rest of New York. If you suspect an invasion, do not hesitate. Call 718-307-9818 for bed bug extermination in New York or at 732-610-0089 for New Jersey bed bug extermination.