Why Local Pest Control in Staten Island is So Important

Why Local Pest Control in Staten Island is So Important

Why Local Pest Control in Staten Island is So Important 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

When we talk about pests, we talk about them in generic terms – spiders, cockroaches, termites, ants, and more. That is because insects and arachnids all have many similarities. There are 45,000 species of spider, but they all have 8 legs, they are essentially all carnivorous, and they all share many common traits including how they walk and their general appearance.

But they are different. Black widow spiders, for example, show different behaviors than hobo spiders, which show different behaviors from brown recluse spiders. The same is true of cockroaches, ants, and so on. Mike, owner of Adapt Pest Management in Rocklin, CA, says that even pest control companies underestimate how important that local knowledge is. “Many people do not realize that knowing your local area is often as important as applying pest treatments,” says Mike, “the technician’s skill, their ability to recognize individual pest behaviors, and their knowledge of what to look out for in the local area play a critical role in how successful the treatment will be.”

Here in Staten Island, pest control often involves knowing which pests are more common during which seasons and what their behavior is during that time. For example, termites are active all year, but they only swarm during a short time period between March and May, and the technician has to be aware to look for signs of that swarming in order to prevent termites and protect the property.

Fillmore Pest and Termite Control is a local company that also operates locally, taking into account the differences in the region. We do not have a corporate headquarters located in another state, dictating what to do. Everyone, from our owner to our technicians, fully understands the local area and how to provide the best Staten Island pest control for your needs. Contact us today to get started.