Pests in a Heat Wave: What Happens When It’s This Hot in NYC?

It’s hot. As of this writing, we’re looking at 90+ degrees for the next several days. This type of heat has a profound effect on all of us here at Staten Island, as we do whatever we can to stay safe and cool indoors.

As a Staten Island pest control company, we also know that this type of heat has an effect on pests as well. Although pests are physically capable of surviving fairly intense heat (especially when there is humidity, ensuring that they will not dry out), pests find this heat dangerous and unpleasant.

Because they find this heat so upsetting, their only recourse is to find shelter, and in a place like Staten Island, the only shelter they’re going to find is in your home.

How Pests Get Indoors During Heat Waves

When it’s hot outside, you can expect to see more pests than usual. Pests not only prefer to find their way indoors to escape the heat, but they can also sense where to go better because they can spot leaks by seeking out cold air.

As a result, you’re more likely to see a wide variety of pests, especially:

  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • House Centipedes

Rodents are also more likely to come indoors when it’s hot, but because they are nighttime animals, you may not notice them. Instead, listen for scratches in the walls or new droppings, and assume that the rats and mice may have made their way indoors.

What Can Be Done to Prevent This Summer Pest Wave?

We no longer use “instant kill” pest control, so you may still see pests enter your property – especially if they enter from your roof and siding. However, with professional pest control, you can make sure that those pests are dealt with in a quick and successful way.

Our pest control techniques are designed to safely eliminate pests that land on your property. We can provide:

  • Interior Treatments – We can put family-safe treatments around your property so that pests that do enter are eliminated within a few hours.
  • Inspections – We can look through your property, determine where pests may be entering, and figure out if there are ways we can stop them from coming indoors.
  • Traps and Baits – For pests that are not typically eliminated via traditional pest control techniques, we can look into options like traps and baits to help eliminate any pest that enters, or may enter.

We can also provide exterior treatments that better target these invasive pests, helping to make sure that the insects, spiders, and other bugs that may enter are unable to do so.

Professional pest control is the only way to successful prevent and eliminate heat wave pests. Partner with a pest control company that is here to help. Contact Fillmore Pest today to get started.

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