Big Cockroaches vs Small Cockroaches – Which is the Top Concern?

Cockroaches are a problem throughout NYC, and especially so here in Staten Island. We often see them everywhere – outside, inside, and scurrying from one place to another. Roaches are fast, they breed quickly, and they’re (for lack of a better word) gross, which means that once you see roaches on or near you’re property it is naturally to be concerned.

There are many species of cockroach here in Staten Island. We often assume that the big cockroaches are the ones of most concern. On TV, for example, it is the big American Cockroaches that are usually featured as invasive pests. American Cockroaches are big, hefty roaches that easily invade homes in search of food and water.

So you may be surprised to learn that while these big cockroaches are a problem, it is the small ones that are the greatest concern.

American vs. German vs. Oriental Cockroaches

American and Oriental Cockroaches are the two big roaches that invade homes in Staten Island, and they *are* a significant problem. They seek out food, shelter, and water, and are able to sneak through openings only a few millimeters large. Once inside of the property, these cockroaches feed on anything they can. If one roach makes its way indoors, more of them are sure to follow, making them a significant pest problem.

However, both oriental and American cockroaches prefer the outdoors. They may come inside to feed and find shelter, but in a general sense they usually only come one at a time, making them easier to eliminate. Seal the home, squish the cockroaches you find, and chances are your property will be roach free.

The ones of greater concern are the small roaches – the German roaches. German cockroaches are much smaller, but they almost exclusively live and breed indoors and breed at a faster pace than their American and Oriental counterparts. If they get into your home, and you do not have significant interior pest control treatments, they can quickly take over your entire property with anywhere from 50 to thousands living in and around your home at any given time.

These German roaches are also creative. They know how to hide and come out when it’s safe. They are less affected by DIY pest control and can hide in your walls for days at a time until they no longer sense danger, making them especially difficult to kill without pest control support.

Cockroach Control in Staten Island with Fillmore Pest

If you suspect you have roaches of any kind, professional pest control can help. Fillmore Pest offers the best pest control in Staten Island to help you address any type of pest or cockroach infestation and make sure that your property is bug free. If you need help, please reach out to our team, today.

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