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How the Termites of New York Compare

Pest control changes based on location. It’s why there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to pest control on Staten Island. The pests we have here differ from those of, say, Albany, which differ from other areas of the country – sometimes by a considerable amount. Termites are a great […]

Termites in Staten Island: Prevent Serious Home Damage

“When most people think of flipping a house, they picture us buying some home that was trashed by previous owners or tenants,” said Dan, a California based home investor with Homestead Group. “But the truth is that termite damage can do more to a home than any bad tenant could, causing the home to be […]

3 Benefits of Working with a Local Staten Island Pest Control Company

Our Staten Island pest control company has years of experience providing quality, affordable pest control and extermination services across Staten Island. We believe that local companies are always better than national companies, because we believe that it takes a local company to understand the needs, prices, and relationships that are grown through working locally. When […]

3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island

Staten Island can be a rough place for pests. Mosquitos alone cause so much of a problem that they have to wipe the city with chemicals once a year, and other pests – like house centipedes and bed bugs – are quickly becoming nightmares for residents of the borough. That means that you need to […]

Are You A Staten Island Pest Control Expert?

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that you have a website dedicated to your services. If you are a pest control company in Staten Island, contact us today at Great Leap Studios ( to rent this website and give yourself an online business card that is guaranteed to make an impact. – Rental price for […]