Termites in Staten Island: What Are the Risks?

Termites in Staten Island: What Are the Risks?

Termites in Staten Island: What Are the Risks? 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

“When most people think of flipping a house, they picture us buying some home that was trashed by previous owners or tenants,” said Dan, a California based home investor with Homestead Group. “But the truth is that termite damage can do more to a home than any bad tenant could, causing the home to be basically unsellable without massive upgrades.”

Staten Island is home to a lot of pests. From House Centipedes to ants to cockroaches to rodents, there is no limit to the number of pests that may attack your home, with many carrying serious diseases, painful stings, and more. Lots of pests put your family at risk for problems. But while these pests are issues for your family, termites pose the greatest financial risk.

Losses From Termite Damage

Termite damage can destroy the value of your home. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, all throughout the United States, and here in Staten Island that damage can equate to tens of thousands of dollars if the termites are not eliminated quickly.

This damage is costly in numerous ways:

  • Termite damage requires a lot of repairs, often costing thousands of dollars.
  • Termites need to be eradicated, which can be expensive after a huge invasion.
  • People don’t want to buy termite damaged homes, even after repairs. That means you lose equity.

The longer you go with termites on your property, the worse it gets. That is why prevention is critical, and early treatment is too. Contact Fillmore Termite & Pest Control in Staten Island for more information.