3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island

3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island

3 Quick Tips for Better Pest Control in Staten Island 150 150 Fillmore Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Staten Island can be a rough place for pests. Mosquitos alone cause so much of a problem that they have to wipe the city with chemicals once a year, and other pests – like house centipedes and bed bugs – are quickly becoming nightmares for residents of the borough. That means that you need to be careful. If you want to rid your home of pests this year, consider these Staten Island pest control tips:

  • Prevent Before You Eliminate

Prevention is always, always, always easier than elimination. That’s because homes are filled with clutter and hiding spaces where pests can breed, while doors and windows are flat and easily sealed. Consider a monthly residential Staten Island pest control service, to prevent pests before they become a problem.

  • Stay Safe on the Road

Bed bugs are probably the greatest concern in Staten Island because they are very difficult to remove. Bed bugs are also most likely to enter your home because you traveled somewhere and they crawled into your suitcase. Take precautions wherever you are to check for bed bugs and be careful before you enter your home if you see any signs of them.

  • Remove Clutter

Many pests enter only one at a time. The reason they are everywhere around your home is because they have plenty of time to breed amidst the clutter. So do your best to reduce clutter so you can easily thwap any bugs that you see, and you’ll be less likely to ever struggle with massive pest problems.

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